Trulieve hopes to find support for new cannabis supplier diversity initiative

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The cannabis company hopes it can raise the bar on how the cannabis industry views inclusion

Leading US high-performing cannabis company Trulieve Cannabis today unveiled its nationwide Supplier Diversity initiative. Through this exciting approach, the company seeks to provide professional development resources and education, while creating beneficial business relationships with a large supplier base that reflects the communities and customers the company serves.

The company is encouraging the majority of suppliers nationwide to enroll in this program. Trulieve, through this comprehensive supplier diversity initiative, will consider all varieties of services and products. These range from software and marketing to janitorial supplies, construction, training, and other ancillary services that are critical to Trulieve’s operations today.

“Trulieve’s Supplier Diversity Initiative showcases how cannabis leaders can positively impact local business communities while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the cannabis industry,” said Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve. “As Trulieve broadens its services and operations, we look forward to establishing new professional relationships with diverse business owners who wish to be active participants in this rapidly growing sector.”

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