Trending CBD apps and websites worth a look

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Cannabis aficionados will appreciate these platforms for their content

The legalization of hemp and its derivatives like cannabidiol (CBD) since 2018 allowed the market to grow exponentially. Added to this is the major acceptance this compound has gained for the great health benefits more people are experiencing. Along with technology advancements, there are CBD manufacturers who are partnering with tech startups to create useful apps for consumers. CBD users can now navigate the world of CBD buying and use through the most trending apps.

The CBD Hemp Oil Calculator was designed to figure out the best dose that a person should be taking. Users can obtain calculated dosages or mL for syringes so they can make more informed choices. A new consumer can find this app quite useful to figure out how much to take after purchasing a CBD oil from a specific brand.

CBD Token Marketplace is another trending app that doesn’t really sell products as the name might suggest. Instead, the app grants tokens to users who use it in a similar way to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to generate more awareness of the app and CBD benefits. The app is available for free on Google Play.

CBD Health Card is another app for the cannabis consumer that can be quite useful. It can connect medical patients, healthcare providers and dispensaries. This app features an integrated ID card that can be used at a doctor’s visit and at dispensaries to ensure that patients get organic, pharmaceutical-grade products.

Lastly, CBD Greens educates consumers about laws, regulations, products and how-tos in the CBD area. It’s a free app to have access to relevant content from good sources and a few games to make education time more fun. The main objective is to help consumers find the best fit for their own unique needs.