Treez is launching a new platform for cannabis retailers

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The platform will make it easier for retailers to follow their products through the supply chain

Cannabis retailers are increasingly benefiting from services created by different technology companies. The enterprise commerce technology platform for the cannabis retail and supply chain industry, Treez, is the latest to innovate the market. The firm has recently announced advanced access to new Enterprise Retail Analytics and Integration Hub products ideal for many select retailers in the marijuana industry.

These innovative platform upgrades, ideal for retailers to experience enhanced analytics, will be presented for the first time to the public at the MJBiz Conference in Las Vegas, November 16-18. Located at booth number 9207, Treez plans to grant select retailers advanced access to the newly upgraded platform before the year is out.

Through its enhanced features, the Integration Hub platform aims to meet the demands of growing independent retailers to streamline integrations between their business systems. Now, multi-location operators will be able to access best-of-breed cannabis technology providers and beyond, including business intelligence, enterprise-level CRTM, and supply chain software solutions.

“These new features and enhancements to our product and platform make data come to life as a workable business tool like never before,” said John Yang, CEO of Treez. “We’re helping clients to create stakeholders at every level of their business with enhanced features that make sales, reporting and data more user-friendly while empowering decision-makers with data-driven insights that lead to clearer business strategies.”

By enabling real-time decision-making with immediate inventory and sales numbers, the tool reduces inventory problems and potential lost sales. Treez’s new Retail Analytics product is essentially focused on making data more usable and action-oriented natively within the point of sale.

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