Traveling through New York with cannabis is now a little easier

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Police are longer confiscating marijuana from travelers passing through New York airports

It has not been long since marijuana was legalized in New York; however, changes are already beginning to be seen that could be positive for all those who travel to this state in possession of the plant. According to reports, the airports located inside The Empire State no longer have any marijuana incarcerations, nor are arrests made or tickets issued to travelers, as long as they are traveling with low amounts of marijuana.

It is known that New York is a very busy state where large amounts of people get on and off the plane during the day, and this can become a great relief to all those enthusiasts who are looking to smoke a good marijuana joint while visiting the Big Apple. Bart R. Johnson, a former state police colonel who served as director of federal security for 15 years said, “We don’t seize it. We only look for threats: explosives, knives, guns; we don’t look for illegally possessed narcotics. When we notice something suspicious in a pat-down or something like that and then we find out it’s marijuana … then we’re looking to see if it’s a threat … if it turns out to be something that appears to be an illegal substance, we notify law enforcement.”

Johnson’s comments were echoed by Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, who made it clear that officers are no longer required to make arrests or issue tickets as long as Transportation Security Administration officials find amounts not exceeding three ounces. This will be a big change from what was previously experienced when state officials worked extensively making large numbers of arrests for marijuana possession at airports; however, after legalization knocked on the state’s doors, it appears that several measures are beginning to change.