Top lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue pushing for federal marijuana reform

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Long-time cannabis supporters are turning up the legislative heat

A growing number of key lawmakers are looking to make efforts to push for federal marijuana-related reforms. Late last week, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and New York State Senator Cory Booker joined this big push. Both appeared at a marijuana conference to lobby for federal legalization and encourage people to apply for state pardons for prior marijuana-related convictions.

This is the fifth annual Cannabis Opportunities conference, and both lawmakers took the opportunity to discuss cannabis policy goals in pre-recorded videos. The event’s policy summit was led by Pennsylvania State Senator Sharif Street, a lawmaker who has made clear his advocacy stance on legalization.

Booker is clear that over the past few years, the country has made incredible strides toward the path of cannabis legalization. He is clear that there is a great deal of opportunity as a large majority of Americans are in favor of this movement. Still, he added that it is necessary “to continue to evolve our focus, our vision, and our strategies to make sure that economically, socially-and, especially within our criminal justice system-we, are expanding fairness, equality and opportunity.”

Both state and local reform is critical, which is why Booker hopes the federal government will take action. To that end, he is sponsoring a Senate legalization bill along with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The trio is seeking not to roll back legalization but to continue to take important steps toward justice, especially for marginalized communities.