“Tolerance breaks” for marijuana consumers

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Taking an occasional break from cannabis can provide a number of benefits

If you haven’t heard of them before, tolerance breaks (or t-breaks as they’re sometimes called) can be a beneficial part of any cannabis regime. A t-break is nothing more than a simple break from consuming in order to temper a tolerance that may have been built up. They can be particularly rewarding for those that are regular or heavy users, as well as those preparing for a long journey. Since the world is still catching up on legalized cannabis, many places you might visit are still off-limits for marijuana consumption.

For someone who consumes on a regular basis, a long-distance trip with no access to cannabis could lead to symptoms of withdrawal – headaches, irritability, lower appetite and anxiety. Not everyone suffers from these symptoms when going through withdrawal, but it’s often better to err on the side of caution.

In order to get the full effect of a t-break routine, create a schedule. If planning on travel, start two weeks before the trip and don’t consume unless it’s absolutely necessary. Try to avoid temptation by not keeping any supply on hand and concentrate on the trip to keep distracted. Use the time to determine what you’ll do and where you’ll go on the trip in order to not think about consuming.

There’s an added bonus to taking a t-break, as well. After being separated from your favorite product for a while, the first time you resume, you will have an extra elevation of effect, providing the perfect creative boost.