Today’s marijuana is stronger than yesterday’s

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The potency of THC in marijuana has increased over the years

Marijuana in the Woodstock era is not the same as today’s marijuana. Potency has increased over the years and is now stronger than it has ever been – at least as far back as records have been kept. In determining the potency, two compounds in marijuana are considered – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both are reportedly now more potent than what was found previously.

Certain strains are being developed specifically to be more potent. In looking at what strain is the most potent today, compared to 2011, there has been an increase of just over 11% in the most potent strain. In 2011, “Ghost Train Haze” was measured at 25.49% THC, while this year, Nova OG is the most powerful strain, having measured 35.6% THC. As a means of comparison, most marijuana on the legal market measures THC of between 18-20%.

Looking back as much as 40 years ago, the THC concentration found in marijuana was only around 0.4-10%. Of course, marijuana studies were not as extensive then as they are now, but it is fairly easy to trace how the potency levels have changed over the decades.

What this means for the future of marijuana remains unclear. While it’s possible to create even more potent strains, the legal market is dictating how what will be available and what will be marketable. Without having a solid customer base for the most potent products, that market segment will dry up quickly, leaving only the strains that are most popular.