Tips for having the best marijuana cookie swap party for the holidays

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If you’re going to throw a cannabis party, you have to make sure to follow etiquette

A holiday party without marijuana would be a bit dull and mediocre. The best time of the year (for many) is getting closer and closer. Friends and family, nearest and dearest, all coming together to celebrate Christmas. To enliven this spiritual holiday, you need to be spiritually minded. This is where cannabis can come into the picture, bringing together the needs and desires for an amazing Christmas party. Hosting a cannabis-infused cookie exchange party could be a phenomenal idea.

First, you’re going to need to announce to guests what the theme is all about. Get your hands on some artificial snow pots and cut out stencils in the shape of marijuana leaves, plants, bongs, blunts or just the number 420. If you’re the type to go all out, you can create a stencil of Mona Lisa smoking a piece of blunt, and you’ll definitely look the part.

Once all this is set up, the edibles enter the equation. First, make sure the cookies are dosed and that the partygoers are aware of all their effects. Cannabis cookies are a guaranteed hit.

Any dessert with a cookie can be turned into a 420 treat, plus remember you can also infuse a little cannabis into chocolate to give an extra kick to all those dishes. Everyone should make their own cookies and exchange them. You can even have a competition to see which one tastes the best.

The great thing is that at the end of the party, each guest goes home with a variety of different cookies to enjoy during the holiday season. This would provide everyone with a variety of medicated treats to help them through the vacations, which can sometimes be a little stressful.