Time to celebrate – Today is National Weed Appreciation Day

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Cannabis lovers have another excuse to consume their favorite treat

Today’s National Weed Appreciation Day reminds the community that some weeds are beneficial to the ecosystem and to humans. For many centuries, humans have used weeds for food and as herbs. Some are nutritious and edible, while others have medicinal value. Cannabis definitely comes into this picture.

Weed Appreciation Day was established to raise awareness about people that a weed is nothing more than a plant that grows where you don’t want it to grow. For example, blackberries are great when you find them growing wild in the forest, but perhaps less desirable when you find them growing in the middle of your rhododendron bushes.

These are precisely the details of what makes a weed a weed, and there are hundreds of them that are incredibly important for science, health and culinary uses, marijuana being a prime example. Weed Appreciation Day reminds everyone to get out of their house and really look at their garden, and discover if perhaps what once seemed like a weed to you is actually a wonderful new surprise living on your property.

To celebrate this day, you can take a closer look at your garden, really get into it and really look at those weeds before you pull them out or make a rash decision. You could even pull out your phone and take a photo, then go inside and use those photos to search the Internet for the plants you’ve found in the garden. You’ll be able to come up with all kinds of fun information about what’s growing in your garden, and even if you still want to get it out of there, at least you’ll know what you’re removing.