Three cannabis stocks that continue to stay positive

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Despite what some are calling a global recession, certain cannabis companies are still climbing

While the business world seems to be falling apart in the middle of a global health pandemic because of the coronavirus, the cannabis industry is having a few advantages even though it has had negative impacts. Some states, such as California, are declaring dispensaries and cannabis shops as essential businesses, which has helped enormously to keep the sector operating – even if this has not been the case for all states with cannabis legislation. These three marijuana stocks are surely worth an investment as an analyst has recommended a good time to make an investment.

Cresco Labs is still running strong, and investors can’t go wrong with this company. It has the advantage of holding a leading market position in a big market like Illinois, as well as being present in the booming medical cannabis sales in Pennsylvania. The business has remained strong, despite all the financial chaos the whole industry went through last year. Most states in which Cresco operates are categorizing cannabis dispensaries as an essential need; therefore, the company is at least safe in that regard.

Just like Cresco Labs, Green Thumb Industries also has a relevant presence in both Illinois and Pennsylvania. The main difference is that Green Thumb is not an aggressive company regarding acquisitions and currently doesn’t have any pending deals in the works. The company operates in 12 states total with many key locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It has 13 production facilities and 41 open stores with 96 retail licenses for expansion.

Trulieve is the king in the Florida medical marijuana market. It has the biggest advantage in the state and currently has substantial EBITDA margins due to dominating the market. It has over 40 dispensaries in the Sunshine State, and has just started operations in California, Massachusetts and Connecticut to continue growing. The company has been using its own profit and positive EBTIDA margins to fund its expansion.

Although the coronavirus has brought the world to a virtual standstill, its wave of destruction will eventually come to an end. When that happens, those who took advantage of the retracted market will be able to see even greater returns.