Three cannabis destinations to visit before winter ends

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Pack your bags and check out these places that welcome cannabis consumers

For those cannabis enthusiasts in the US, it is important to consider that, even if you are resident of a state that has legalized cannabis, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the world, even the states, will welcome cannabis consumption. Some people prefer to travel around during the winter and, while planning the last trip of the season, it might be worth considering these destinations to enjoy. These are short getaways that would not take one more than half a day to get there from most places across the country.

For people that would like to keep it local, Palm Springs, California might be the best option to plan their next trip. This city welcomes recreational users, and this city has endured a reputation of snowbirds seeking sunshine in a captivating scene. This is one of the warmest corners in California if the idea is to stay away from the cold weather and experience some culture, and you can get your cannabis from the more than 25 dispensaries operating in Palm Springs and surroundings.

If the vacation period can be extended for a few more days, and leaving the country is in the plans, another nice destination to consider is Whistler, British Columbia. Starting with the Whistler Blackcomb resort in all its majesty during winter, even if skiing is not the preferred sport, there is plenty to do. There are world-class restaurants and shops, including multiple on-mountain dining options up in the mountains.

Jamaica will always be a cannabis destination, no matter the season, but if what you are looking for is the sun, the beach and a warm tropical setting, this is the best way to go. First, it’s important to clarify the legal status. Medical cannabis is legal with proper documentation, but recreational cannabis is not criminalized. This is a colorful culture to experience, starting with the legacy of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh spreading the peace and love message.