This is the week for cannabis legalization in several states

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The midterm elections could fuel more cannabis changes in the US

November came much faster than expected, especially for Americans who now have to go to the polls to make important decisions for their states. The marijuana industry appears to be one of the top targets on several ballots around the country, with five states on the verge of determining the future of a recreational cannabis market. If the outcome is positive for all or at least most of these jurisdictions, it could evidence another green wave about to burst in the US.

This big potential boost would bring legal marijuana sales, business opportunities for different new and established companies and an end to the criminalization of cannabis in legalized jurisdictions. Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and North and South Dakota are poised to make important decisions this week. A large portion of these states already have a medical marijuana law and/or programs in place but now want to expand the field by giving the recreational market a chance.

Two months ago, the Wonder State Supreme Court ruled that the future of the adult-use marijuana market was in the hands of the voters. Should it receive sufficient support, the legislation would mark the second cannabis bill passed by voters in the state, following the approval of medical cannabis eight years ago.

The Old Line State is seeking similar results. It intends to extend adult-use legislation passed in 2014, with sales to begin three years later. If the question placed on the ballot receives a majority yes vote, those 21 and older will have the ability to possess up to 1.5 oz of cannabis and 10 grams of concentrate, beginning in July 2023.

Missouri continues to make progress toward cannabis reform and doesn’t seem to be giving up until it gets there. In 2018, the Show Me State passed medical cannabis, and since then, many residents have been looking for the same to happen on the recreational side. This could happen in North and South Dakota, which after several years of effort, their residents will finally have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

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