This is a good week to add these cannabis companies to an investment portfolio

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Two cannabis companies deserve consideration as March arrives

Without a new update on federal cannabis reform, many marijuana stocks have begun to experience a setback. However, even though the sector is down, many analysts have taken it upon themselves to find some of the best marijuana stocks to buy. Even with everything going on in both politics and the industry, there are many factors that can help it gain more consistency. Right now, there are two marijuana stocks that can be added to your portfolio to start the week off on the right foot.

First, there is Verano Holdings. This stock is currently not as highly regarded as it really should be, especially since, in recent times, it has been able to produce solid and consistent numbers. Although the stock only went public in early last year (which is perhaps why it still doesn’t have much of a following), it should not be overlooked.

Verano operates as a vertically integrated multi-state (MSO) cannabis operator in the US. Its core business is based on cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail licensing in Illinois, Florida, and Arizona. In addition to Maryland, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, and many others.

While it is true that Jushi is considered a small-cap company, its potential has proven to be nothing short of extraordinary, especially as the cannabis industry becomes more and more widespread. Its operations focus on the cultivation, processing, retailing and distribution of medical and adult-use products. At the moment, the company is focusing on developing a portfolio of cannabis assets in different states, such as Virginia, Pennsylvania, California and others.