This cannabis stock makes for a great, inexpensive alternative

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Cresco Labs has a lot to offer investors as an affordable stock

The end of 2022 is just around the corner, and this year will almost certainly be remembered as one of the most difficult years for investors in decades. The major stock indices of Western economies have suffered persistent declines since January of this year, putting them, less than two years after the recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, back in a bear market. However, this situation of uncertainty can become an investment opportunity for those marijuana investors who have the liquidity and patience to hold long-term positions.

Now may be a particularly interesting time to consider buying some of the cheapest cannabis stocks. Their future development will be shaped by the assets backing them, their R&D investments, and their future growth prospects.

With an investment of just $100, Cresco Labs is listed as one of the best buys for the coming year. Cresco has represented a great opportunity for its investors since the beginning of 2021. A number of states across the country have given cannabis the go-ahead in one form or another, a development that is what a company like Cresco Labs needs to continue on the road to success.

The still-pending acquisition of multi-state operator (MSO) Columbia Care remains one of the biggest catalysts for this firm as a new year approaches. While a large number of combined cultivation assets and dispensaries will have to be sold to satisfy regulators, the combined company will have more than 120 dispensaries in 18 states under its power when the deal finally closes. A move like this will clearly pave the way for Cresco to grow its brands and increase awareness in the public eye.

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