This cannabis stock is a value buy at less than $5

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Valens Groworks Corp is a value cannabis stock with great upside

If you are currently on the exhaustive search to buy marijuana stocks with strong growth but trading for a single-digit price tag to further expand unit purchases with limited capital, Valens Groworks Corp appears to be the most viable option at the present time. This company’s stock is valued at less than $5 and is a pretty great opportunity based on the fact that it is a company that has been steadily growing over the past few years.

It is no secret to anyone that investing in this type of stock faces a great deal of volatility. However, as legalization approaches at the federal level, cannabis stocks could make a strong comeback in the US. When news like this hits the market, there’s a good chance that most stocks, big or small, are going to explode. Valens is definitely not left out of that equation, and anyone who has put their faith in its promising future is likely to see big returns.

Valens is quite different from other cannabis stocks because it is considered more of a B2B company than B2C, which is based on dealing directly with consumers. The British Columbia-based company offers crude oil and refined oil, two main solutions to licensed producers. In addition, it also gives cannabis producers the opportunity to take advantage of its white-label offering, not to mention its invaluable third-party testing facilities and business. All those producers who are in need of fully following Health Canada’s guidelines can take advantage of Valens’ services.

Considering that over the past five years, the stock has soared more than 100% three times, Valens seems like a pretty smart bet. Because it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t present as many of the usual risks in the marijuana industry. Closing 2021 with a stable portfolio is a goal every good investor should have in mind, and Valens could be a good choice to close on a high note.