This cannabis stock has a lot of risks, but a lot of potential upside, as well

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Planet 13 continues to be a favorite target of investment analysts

Investing is one of those things that instill respect. On the one hand, there are doubts about your own financial knowledge and, on the other, your natural aversion to loss. Every time you invest, you risk losing, which is an undeniable reality. Financial risk involves unexpected outcomes, losses, and instability of financial markets. Any asset includes risk, but according to its magnitude, will be the amount of profit. All this applies perfectly to a sector such as cannabis, but although there are a couple of stocks with visible risks, experts indicate that their huge upside should be considered.

Planet 13 Holdings is a multi-state operator (MSO) with a unique business model that takes it out of the box its competition is in, and that is something to keep in mind even if the growth stock has a high level of risk. While many thought that federal cannabis reforms were going to come in advance of Joe Biden taking office, this has not happened, putting many cannabis stocks on the hook.

However, this lack of action has not stopped some marijuana stocks from expanding so that their profitability is solid. Based in Nevada, Planet 13 continues to rely on its unparalleled strategy, the superstore. The firm operates giant cannabis stores in key markets that are impossible to miss. A clear example of this can be evidenced in Las Vegas, where it houses the largest cannabis space ever seen.

All consumers visiting the gigantic store will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of branded products, such as vaporizers, edibles and cannabis extracts. This experience will be taken to the next level now that the company has obtained approval for a consumer lounge license at its Sin City store.

The company will now give consumers the opportunity to “see how products are made, purchase and consume them under one roof.” A wise idea to attract customers in a hot area for tourists.

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