These two marijuana stocks might be big targets in October

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Two familiar cannabis names continue to reappear as solid options for investors

These last days of September have evidenced an upward consistency in cannabis stocks. As a new month progresses, it is not uncommon for investors and shareholders to find extremely positive speculation. For those who always look on the bright side of things, there is room to make good investments in the marijuana sector. Experts advise creating a playground and making sure you have done your research for the potential companies you want to invest in. Two companies, at this point, seem like a smart bet.

The first is GrowGeneration Corp, a company that has remained at the forefront of the cannabis ancillary industry. The company, with the help of its subsidiaries across the country, operates and owns retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores. In addition to announcing the opening of the New Hydroponic Garden Center in Richmond, VI, the company has finalized two lease agreements in Mount Holly, NJ and Hazelwood, MO.

And then there’s Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, another ancillary cannabis stock that has been on the lips of many analysts. The company is in the business of marketing, manufacturing and selling lawn care, garden, indoor and hydroponic gardening products both inside and outside the US. The cannabis market is covered through its Hawthorne brand.

Both companies seem to have the potential to start October on the right foot. Both companies’ quarterly reports have been solid throughout the year, and they expect to finish the year on the same footing. Experts suggest continuing to keep an eye on stocks with great potential, especially now that various legislative moves at the national level are still pending review.

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