These two marijuana stocks can add value to any portfolio

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Leafly Holdings and WM Technology offer investors strong cannabis targets

Every investor would like to say they have a portfolio full of solid marijuana stocks. Clearly, this may depend on everything that happens within the industry, although several experts have a few stocks in their sights that can certainly add value. The good thing is that the cannabis market has been experiencing strong growth in recent years, with much more solid projections for times to come. This makes it possible for people interested in having a strong portfolio to make big profits in the future.

When it comes to adding value to a stock portfolio, it is a no-brainer to give Leafly Holdings a try. This firm is responsible for having created a platform capable of providing information about cannabis, connecting consumers with licensed brands and dispensaries.

Among the updates that stand out the most is the launch of a one-of-a-kind data-sharing program to take cannabis research to the next level. Through the Leafly + University program, marijuana researchers have the ability to access proprietary data from one of the world’s leading global marijuana information resources, free of charge.

Following in a similar vein is WM Technology, which offers a variety of eCommerce fulfillment technology solutions to retailers and brands in the marijuana market in North America and internationally. Earlier this month, the firm announced that it will hold a conference call to take a look at its second quarter 2022 earnings. The company expects to deliver positive results that demonstrate how well it has been performing in recent months, especially in a world that is becoming increasingly digitized.