These two marijuana REITs could have a great month this month

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Cannabis real estate investment trusts continue to be good targets for investors

After experiencing large declines in their portfolios this year due to weakness in global equity markets, many investors are now looking for assets that provide protection against stock market turbulence. And with inflation at multi-decade highs and interest rates rising rapidly, investors are also looking for assets that can offer some protection against the negative impact of these trends. Among the asset classes that appear to meet these requirements are real estate investment trusts (REITs). Cannabis REITs offer investors a number of advantages and some appear to be on the radar of many.

A clear example can be seen in Power REIT, a firm whose primary objective is to be a real estate investment trust that places a premium on long-term investments with better risk-adjusted returns. Power REIT owns a portfolio of CEA buildings that simply won’t stop growing.

Power REIT has been including more greenhouses and processing centers essential to the cannabis industry. Proceeds from the leases are used to complete necessary upgrades to assets that are ready for development.

Innovative Industrial Properties is, without a doubt, one of the most important REITs in the marijuana industry. Its business is essentially focused on SU’s legal cannabis market, with a total of 7.7 million square feet of leasable space available to the corporation today.

The structures, which may expand to over 10 million square feet in the future, are fully leased, with an average lease term of 16.4 years. With a presence in nearly 20 states, the company has lengthened its footprint with a total of 11 properties. As it continues to purchase properties, the company assures that its leasing portfolio will expand significantly by the end of this year.