These two cannabis stocks should be watched heading into December

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As 2021 draws to a close, two cannabis companies stand out for their investment value

We are less than two days away from the start of December, and this means that the opportunity to close the year with a great investment is coming to an end. The good thing about marijuana stocks is that it really doesn’t take you long enough to make a decision, as there are actually too many options that are having quite a promising future. Such is the case with Trulieve Cannabis and Cresco Labs, two companies that have been reporting steady growth over the past few years and are hoping to continue to be considered leaders in the marijuana industry.

Trulieve, in conjunction with its subsidiaries, has played a major role in its medical cannabis operations. The company strives to grow and produce products in-house, in addition to distributing its products to Trulieve-branded stores across the country. One of the big news is that at the beginning of last month, the company’s stock experienced a bullish surge and has since seen a nice increase in trading. Throughout this period, Trulieve has had the opportunity to show good market potential thanks to its previous operations.

On the other hand, there is Cresco, a company that, with the help of its subsidiaries, has made its way to the leadership of the marijuana industry. Its operations based on manufacturing, cultivation, and sales of medical and retail cannabis products in the US have positioned it at the top. According to the latest updates, the company announced the acquisition of three high-performing Pennsylvania dispensaries. Charlie Bachtell, CEO & Co-founder of Cresco, said the company’s focus for the coming year is to adapt our strategy to the dynamics of each state to maintain a dominant market position and increase profitability.