These two cannabis stocks should be strong targets for investors

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For investors still uncertain about which targets make sense, two strong options are available

Anyone looking to put their money in evolution should keep in mind that marijuana-related stocks are a good investment option. While federal cannabis reform appears to remain stalled in the US, there are still great opportunities today to invest in attractive companies. Many of them remain in leading positions, which means that they have enough potential to provide great returns in the coming years. If you have the risk tolerance to invest in this industry, there are two stocks on the table that you may be very interested in.

Green Thumb Industries keeps topping the list of options when it comes to solid stocks. This is the type of company that most people think of when it comes to the marijuana industry.

One of the positive things about this company is that it has a diverse business model that encompasses multiple cannabis brands. It covers both the recreational and medical market and has a widespread presence with a large number of retail stores across the US.

On the other side is GrowGeneration, which is a bit different than most cannabis stocks. This company is not really involved in the sale of the plant, which is known as an ancillary stock. It is a perfect opportunity for all those risk-averse investors.

GrowGeneration is a hydroponics supplier. The company, simply put, sells the products, equipment and services that cannabis operators depend on. The company has 60 locations and continues to grow. GrowGeneration sells everything and its idea is to expand as time goes on.

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