These two cannabis stocks might deserve a look as July comes to a close

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The second half of the year will see several cannabis companies continue to climb

This month has been a better one for cannabis stocks, and the overall trend shows a market on the rise, even though there haven’t been any major gains on any given day. The past four months have been very different for the cannabis stock amid the coronavirus pandemic, and it has brought both good and bad things for the industry. However, the marijuana stock market is still lacking stability, which is something investors appreciate a lot.
However, the insecurity doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few stocks out there worth paying attention to as July comes to an end.

Among all major multi-state operators (MSO), Curaleaf Holdings Inc. is among the most popular and solid companies. Its stock has shown nothing but momentum since it went public. In addition to that, Curaleaf has a lot of potential for future growth while also being very stable. This past quarter, the company reported an increase in its revenue of 28%, which might not seem outstanding, but, amid the pandemic, it certainly is. Curaleaf is currently distributing products across nine states, including the biggest legal cannabis markets, such as California, Oregon and Nevada.

Another good cannabis venture to watch is Green Thumb Industries Inc., which has been getting a lot of attention recently. Green Thumb already runs 48 dispensaries distributed across 12 states to give the company a broad market to operate in. It is far from being the largest MSO out there, but it has been reporting substantial growth even during the ongoing pandemic that complicates everything. Not only has the company recently opened new dispensaries in booming markets like Pennsylvania and Nevada, but it also holds multiple licenses to open more dispensaries that have not yet been launched.