These two cannabis stocks are strong targets for July

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Cannabis investors have two targets to consider next month

Tomorrow marks the start of a new month, leaving the first half of 2022 already concluded. Huge declines in cannabis stock prices are causing the US marijuana market to reach new lows before June is over. As a result, many investors are taking advantage in order to get into the industry with a not-so-huge budget. It can certainly become a perfect opportunity to start July on the right foot. There are currently two cannabis stocks with the potential to grow in the next month and are being closely scrutinized by many experts.

One company that is meeting the needs of many of its customers in several states is Verano Holdings. Its business in different parts of the country has made the brand widely known. Verano’s operation is based on the sale of premium cannabis products under a variety of brands.

Currently, the firm has a dozen manufacturing and processing facilities in 15 states. In addition to this, it has a total of 100 dispensaries working under its umbrella. One thing that stands out about the company is its huge involvement in Florida, where through its 47 dispensaries, it plans to bring quality to its portfolio customers.

On the other hand, there is Cresco Labs, a company that, according to many experts, could have quite a positive July. This cannabis company has a vertically integrated corporate structure established in the US.

Cresco is currently considered the leading producer of branded cannabis products in the country. Recent studies have shown that residents of Illinois and Pennsylvania do not believe there is competition for Cresco’s quality. With 50 retail locations, 20 manufacturing facilities, and 47 retail licenses, Cresco operates in 11 states. If it follows through with its plans, it is possible that those numbers will be higher before the year is out.