These two cannabis stocks are strong options as long-term investments

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Investors can purchase these options and expect nice returns if they’re patient

If you are one of those people who think that investing for the long term is futile because the market is “always changing,” you may be interested to know that the longer you stay in an investment, the greater the potential return you can obtain by incorporating riskier assets. The longer you let your money work for you, the greater the possibility of generating a superior return. Fortunately, there are multiple options in the cannabis market that, with a long-term strategy, can offer excellent returns. This is with a view to achieving the much talked about financial freedom.

Staying in a long-term investment helps to reduce risk and margin for error. This is something that Jazz Pharmaceuticals can provide. This biotech company focuses on developing drugs to treat cancer and neurological development. It counts Epidiolex among its portfolio, a cannabidiol (CBD)-based therapy that treats seizures associated with a couple of severe forms of epilepsy.

This firm’s revenue rose 12% year over year in the third quarter to $940.7 million, one way to understand why its long-term investment is quite wise. The nice thing about the products launched by this firm is that some are relatively new approvals, giving Jazz Pharmaceuticals a top position in its sector.

Investing for the long term requires a certain level of commitment, discipline, and patience, but it also offers great rewards. These rewards can certainly be found in Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP). This real estate investment trust (REIT) has focused its business on cannabis, acquiring facilities and then leasing them to legal marijuana operators.

One of its advantages is Triple Net leasing. In Triple Net, the tenant is responsible for paying the three main expenses of the property, taxes, insurance and maintenance. Hence the name NNN, meaning, “net, net, net,” referring to these three main expenses. This allows the company to be free of other expenses at the end of each period and to maintain greater control over its revenue stream.

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