These two cannabis stocks are looking good for investors

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Two familiar names provide investors with solid cannabis stock choices

A possible rally this month opens up a huge amount of options to look at in marijuana stocks. While it is true that some stocks continue to show a steady trade up and down, there are companies that, with a possible upside, may be ideal to add to the investment portfolio. Stock investing is a skill that is learned as time goes on and even more so for some to master. Having predictions in the cannabis industry can be a difficult thing, but there are some solid stocks that are unlikely to disappoint you in the future.

Leafly Holdings continues to be a leading platform in the marijuana industry. This company provides enthusiasts with an ideal place for them to find relevant information about the plant, as well as a greater connection to legal brands and retailers. The latest news relevant to the company came about a month ago.

Leafly released its Q2 2022 earnings on August 11, with quite positive results. The company’s revenue was $12.1 million, up 13.8% from Q2 2021, driven by growth in the brand and retail revenue. Data like this demonstrates why this stock is a good buy right now.

On the other side is WM Technology, a firm that provides eCommerce and fulfillment software solutions to brands and retailers in the marijuana industry in Canada, the US, and internationally. Weedmaps for Business is one of the recent launches that made a lot of headlines.

A fully integrated suite of end-to-end SaaS solutions for cannabis retailers and brands. This is a clear indication of how WM Technology now supports businesses at every stage of the consumer funnel.

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