These two cannabis stocks are looking good as long-term investments

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Most investors aren’t familiar with these cannabis companies, but they deserve attention

In the market, the investment offer is increasing and this greatly benefits investors to get more options to choose from. They can decide how, when and where to invest the money. There are many possible options, but if you are looking for an alternative and want to bet on a market with incredible potential, the cannabis sector will always be at the top of the list. The month of August is about to begin, and, whether you are a new or experienced investor, always keep in mind to do some research on the stocks you want to invest in. Given the factors you are looking for, Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. and Cansortium Inc. are likely to catch your eye.

Currently, Hydrofarm Holdings is based on the distribution and manufacture of products that facilitate the process of cannabis cultivation. The company has managed to handle this sector so well that it is now positioned at the very top of the heap. Its idea is to provide growers with the widest variety and quality equipment that facilitates the process of cannabis cultivation. Its vast experience of 40 years has made Hydrofarm a great ally for all growers in the US and Canada, giving it the opportunity to achieve agricultural products with a great seal of quality. The first quarter of 2021 was great, and the company recorded a net sales increase of 66.5% to $111.4 million.

Cansortium is a company dedicated to providing high-quality marijuana in the state of Florida. Although headquartered in Miami, its expansion has led it to position itself in markets such as Texas, Pennsylvania and Michigan. It recently shared its third-quarter financial statements, and the results were as green as the plant it provides to the consumer. Cansortium reported revenues of $15.1 million, up 49% from the previous year. Its footprint in the Sunshine State is well established, with a total of 26 dispensaries there.