These two cannabis stocks are expected to have a great September

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As more states increase their cannabis exposure, cannabis stocks are getting stronger

With the cannabis sector going up and down in price, there is a new opportunity to find the best cannabis stocks to buy, especially now that a new month is beginning. Hopefully, as the sector moves forward, it will also help to boost the sector. Best of all, there are two companies that have shown enough potential to deliver good gains in September. There is no doubt that OrganiGram Holdings Inc. and High Tide Inc. are two companies that should be added to your portfolio as soon as possible.

OrganiGram Holdings is in charge of producing and selling cannabis and cannabis-derived products in the Canadian market through its subsidiaries. In August, the company had important updates. Earlier in the month, for example, the company announced Beena Goldenberg as the new CEO of OrganiGram. Goldenberg’s three decades of experience in marketing, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing has brought great value to the company. This was followed by the launch of Edison JOLTS, which reinvents the ingestible extract. This is Canada’s first high potency flavored THC-based pill. From August 19 to August 24, this company’s stock saw a rise again, and now, with a new month coming up, it is possible to see this rise in marijuana stocks.

High Tide, on the other hand, is a vertically integrated company in the US, Canadian and international cannabis market. The company is primarily engaged in the manufacture, design, and distribution of smoking accessories and cannabis lifestyle products. In addition, it has a large stake in wholesale and retail, expanding its operations for further growth. In fact, in Ontario, High Tide continues to expand its footprint as it recently opened a new Brampton Retail cannabis store. With this opening, High Tide now has a total of 92 retail locations in Canada.