These two cannabis ancillary stocks offer great value

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Leafly Holdings and WM Technologies offer tremendous upside

In March, most of the best cannabis stocks to invest in are starting to see some upside in the market and that is definitely great news for many of the investors involved in this space. One segment that is starting to take more and more prominence over the preferences of investors is now the ancillary cannabis segment. There are two marijuana stocks in this group that investors should analyze.

These businesses support the industry without really having a direct connection with the plant. One of their biggest advantages is that they have proven to have more stability than the stocks directly related to the industry, and in some cases, provide a dividend to shareholders over the long term.

The first to be considered is undoubtedly Leafly Holdings. This company is considered one of the most important online cannabis discovery marketplaces in the country. Consumers of this plant can find an excellent resource through this platform, especially when they are just getting into cannabis life. The company is one of the most trusted platforms today for discovering cannabis products and services and ordering from legal sellers worldwide.

Through its technology and advertising services, Leafly’s tools enable shoppers to make wise decisions, and it provides training services so cannabis businesses can attract and keep more customers.

On the other side is WM Technology, Inc. considered a driving force behind much of the legislative change in the cannabis industry over the last decade. Weedmaps, as it is widely known, is an online listing marketplace that serves as an important hub for cannabis consumers and businesses in the industry. WM Business products, in general, help to comply with the complicated and ever-changing regulations of the cannabis industry.

Through WM Business’ tools, it can support compliance with regulations that at times become quite complex and constantly changing. Weedmaps currently has an estimated 14 million monthly active users, which has led to revenues of almost $55 million.

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