These three cannabis stocks continue to provide strong options for investors

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There are three names in the cannabis market that always find support from analysts

The first half of June has already passed into oblivion and marijuana stocks remain an ideal choice for investors to close the year as they should. There continue to be some ups and downs in the cannabis sector, but when there is any pullback in the sector, it means there is a great opportunity to find the best marijuana stocks. One factor that has helped to see better trading is marijuana stocks trying to keep up with other sectors of the market. There are some stocks that maintain this objective and so are a great option to see returns in the future.

One company that always tops the list is Green Thumb Industries, and not at all surprising as its operations continue to grow at a rapid clip. The firm specializes in the distribution, manufacture, and sale of various cannabis products for the US recreational and medical market.

Just over a month ago, the company released its first-quarter earnings. According to the results, the company reported a 25% increase in revenue year over year to $243 million. This is undoubtedly good news for investors who have put their trust in its business.

Next up is Planet 13 Holdings, an integrated cannabis company whose footprint is getting bigger and bigger. The company focuses on the cultivation, production, distribution and marketing of cannabis and cannabis-infused products for the medical and retail cannabis markets in Nevada.

In an effort to become even better known, the company recently opened its third dispensary in Florida. The third location of its planned dispensary network in Florida is located in the city of Ocala.

And finally, there is Verano Holdings, a multistate cannabis operator that has shown strong results in the US market. Earlier this month, the company said it had completed the necessary paperwork to enter into an exclusive partnership with The Weldon Project’s Mission Green. The main objective of this joining of forces is to promote the organization’s cannabis clemency and advocacy initiatives.