These three cannabis stocks are picking up

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A recent dip in the market spells good news for cannabis investors

As September has passed, the month is starting to look like an interesting time to buy the best marijuana stocks today. The cannabis industry is going through several processes at the state and federal levels that could generate more growth in the US, and those who decide to make an investment before that happens could be hitting the jackpot. After several months of consolidation, there could be a catalyst in place for the cannabis sector and that is why special attention should be given to three specific cannabis stocks at this time.

The first is Trulieve Cannabis Corp, a company that has established itself in a big way in the Florida marijuana market. Trulieve has more than 50% of the legal cannabis sales in the Sunshine State, which makes it a company with incredible potential. As if that wasn’t enough, the latest updates indicate that this leading, high-performing cannabis company is making the final moves to acquire Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. Should this come to fruition, the new company will have a consensus revenue in 2021 of over $1.2 billion.

Second in consideration is the fourth largest cannabis company in the Florida cannabis market, Ayr Wellness. While its share in the state is not as large as Trulieve’s, Ayr currently has 38 operating dispensaries in the Sunshine State, and a total of 52 locations nationwide. It is now also making a large footprint in Illinois following the acquisition of Herbal Remedies DDispensaries.

Last but not least is Columbia Care Inc., which is first in line for a growth spurt once legalization is fully completed in New York State. The acquisition of a 34-acre cultivation site on Long Island has given Columbia Cara one of the most relevant cannabis footprints to serve the East Coast market.