These techy cannabis gadgets are perfect for every enthusiast

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The cannabis consumer industry is changing, with more unique products coming to market

Gadgets are devices that have been created with a purpose and a function. They are usually small in size, very practical, and almost always feature a novelty. Many gadgets also have a design that is more ingenious than ordinary technology. The cannabis community simply could not be left behind, and many consumers can now enjoy a wide variety of gadgets that will simply give them another note when it comes to getting high.

If you need light, but not the ordinary light that everyone knows, Thicket can take you to another level. This must-have gadget in every enthusiast’s pocket offers two ray gun-style torches that have a futuristic look. Ticket is extremely useful for getting dabbers to heat the rigs to the next level, also designed to light the bowls of flowers in the bongs.

RollBotz RoboKone has been becoming a sensation among all the shoppers flocking to Amazon. This cone filling machine comes with a bead grinder and a funnel towards the bottom to hold the cone. It is as simple as placing the flower in the perforated filter and waiting for the bead chain technology in the main chamber to rotate and crush it, automatically falling into the cone.

Hound Cannabis Breathalyzer becomes a perfect companion if you’re going to one of those parties where marijuana is the main player. If, after a good session, you are left looking at another universe, this device will help you determine if you have a legitimate impairment or not in 20 minutes. It’s simply breathing into a cartridge to determine how high you feel.

And finally, there is the SeaHorse X, seen as a game-changing Canna-Transformer. This gadget converts into multiple cannabis devices: a cartridge device, a nectar collector, a vape machine, and a platform. Ideal for those who don’t want to carry so many things at once.