These stylish cannabis accessories will make you look like a connoisseur

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As the cannabis consumer market matures, so do the products being offered

Leafly has become an essential platform for providing tons of information to different consumers, and now through its exclusive report, provides stylish cannabis accessories that you’ll definitely want to show off. Nowadays, many enthusiasts have an arsenal of tools capable of doing the general job. However, you can hardly walk through life proudly displaying these pieces.

As time goes on, many cannabis followers realize that beauty and quality in cannabis paraphernalia are of utmost importance. Extravagant pipes and bongs are no slouch in this regard. Leafly has compiled a list of attractive pieces from different cannabis brands that value both design and functionality.

Among the chosen ones, Yew Yew’s geometric glass bong stands out. It’s the perfect excuse to change your current bong and treat yourself to a work of art in your hands. The sleek semicircle design complements the square base, adding to the rounded mouthpiece that delivers a smooth hit time and time again.

Edie Parker’s neon storage box, on the other hand, can be of great use to many. This 100% acrylic storage case comes with tropical fruit hues. Its three separate hidden compartments are essential for keeping everything in its place, and its airtightness will make sure to store the ideal flavors.

Tetra’s checkered ashtray has also been attracting attention lately, especially for those who want to add an elegant touch of chess to the table. This one from Tetra is made of Nero Marquina and Carrera marble to stand the test of time.

And finally, there is the Ohai Crystal Stone Pipe. Ohai has spent the last few years creating colorful crystal pipes, establishing itself as an OG in space. The celestial vibrations are strong in the design, which offers a variety of crystal types, which can be mixed with their healing properties.