These should be the go-to cannabis stocks for investors

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Several cannabis companies are poised to offer great returns as the cannabis market grows

Finding yourself in front of a high-potential industry in its infancy is rare. To be able to visualize it is a unique occurrence. And to participate monetarily, something very unlikely. A few years ago, the question began to be asked whether marijuana was going to be the next green gold and whether investors were in one of those initial phases prior to strong and sustained growth. Since then, there have been many advances and changes in the sector, ranging from legalization to research, that has given the plant more merit. Now, experts say there are a few stocks capable of filling pockets.

One of them is Cresco Labs, a leading provider of cutting-edge, high-quality cannabis products and services. Through its brands, consumers have been able to find a wide variety of products, from flowers to vaporizers, edibles and topicals. Needless to say, Cresco Labs is considered the largest wholesaler of branded cannabis products in the country.

Another company that offers great opportunities in the sector is Curaleaf Holdings. This vertically integrated cannabis operator in the US has been able to establish its footprint in different regions. Its national expansion consists of 142 dispensaries in 21 states. Through all of them, its customer base meets its needs with the products that this same company grows, processes, markets and dispenses.

GrowGeneration Corp may be last on the list, but that doesn’t mean its potential is even greater. The company owns and operates retail stores specializing in hydroponic and organic gardening. Viewed as an ancillary stock, investors need not worry about industry risks. Still, the company has been a boon to thousands of commercial growers in the cannabis sector.

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