These methods are great ways to improve the cannabis experience

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Cannabis consumers can get the most out of the interaction by following a few guidelines

Marijuana provides a psychoactive high, but sometimes its effect is diminished or not as potent. There are some tips to increase the intensity of your high and thus achieve a unique experience every time you go for your cannabis session.

First of all, you should properly store your cannabis. If you use a plastic container or the bag in which you put the marijuana, this could spoil its potency. Plastic can carry an electrical charge, which can fry the THC-rich trichomes in your cannabis. Avoid this with a glass or steel jar. A dark, cool place is recommended to preserve the quality of your personal stash.

As you try new cannabis strains, cannabis products, and ways to use cannabis, it is a good idea to keep a cannabis journal. Journaling is a fun, creative activity in general. And journaling about your cannabis experience can be both enjoyable and useful, as it can help you keep track of what you’ve tried, and what you like and don’t like.

You can also adjust the way you get high. Many like to do it smoking, but the experience may be different if you try other methods. Maybe you prefer the feeling of a high after a vape session or after taking a few hits of the bong. You can avoid using your lungs by trying edibles. In general, edibles and dabs are considered two of the most potent cannabis products but always use caution.

And lastly, don’t forget to check how healthy your overall habits are. Although perhaps not well known, it is possible to modify your diet to improve the quality of your highs. Body fat is where THC is absorbed and stored. Sometimes its release can be slow, decreasing the quality of the high. So a diet and exercise routine that reduces the total amount of body fat is always recommended.