These long-term cannabis investments are safe plays for any investor

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For investors who can be patient, these two cannabis companies could be viable solutions

Time is a fundamental element for investors. It is not the same to buy and sell quickly, following a short-term strategy, as it is to let your investment mature, betting on the long term. A long-term investment generally offers a greater likelihood of maximizing returns over a ten-year period, rather than giving you a high return in just a few years. Examples of long-term investment vehicles are stocks, especially marijuana stocks. There are currently two of these with incredible long-term potential, which is why they are immediate suggestions by many analysts.

More and more analysts remain confident about what Green Thumb Industries has to offer in the long term. The multi-state operator stands out from the competition thanks to its diverse portfolio of marijuana products. Green Thumb has operations in both the recreational and medical markets and continues to expand rapidly in the cannabis edibles market.

Nevada, New York and Illinois are some of the key markets Green Thumb has targeted. This has led it to increase its sales from $62.49 million in 2018 to $893.6 million in 2021. If that trend is maintained, and momentum grows, sales are on track to exceed $1 billion before this year comes to an end.

Cresco Labs is another heavyweight in the cannabis market. The company operates in the US in a vertically integrated manner. Not unlike Green Thumb, Cresco has made several efforts to gain impressive traction in various states where marijuana for adult use has been legalized.

One of the most recent updates of note is its acquisition of Columbia Care. This move provided Cresco with the acquisition of 130 retail stores in over 12 markets. Considering that Columbia Care reported revenues of $525 million in the last 12 months, this acquisition should be extremely accretive for Cresco. It is expected that the firm will have the second-largest cannabis footprint in the US once the purchase is completed.

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