These inexpensive cannabis stocks may not be after the US legalizes cannabis

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Several cannabis stocks are available for less than $20, making them big-value options

With great optimism from several members of the Senate, it appears that cannabis reform in the US is closer than ever. This undoubtedly means great news for the marijuana industry. However, investors looking for low-cost stocks should hurry because some of them will undoubtedly fetch a higher price when nationwide legalization comes to fruition. According to several experts, Curaleaf Holdings, Green Thumb Industries and Trulieve Cannabis are some of the companies whose stocks could take off with cannabis reform.

Considered one of the most popular companies in the US, Curaleaf Holdings is a multi-state cannabis producer with a strong position in the face of possible federal reform. The company currently operates 144 dispensaries in more than 20 states.

Its operations have seen strong growth in key cannabis markets such as Florida, California, Illinois and Massachusetts. There is no doubt that legalization would pave the way for this company to operate more efficiently by allowing it to leverage its vast operations.

Then there is Green Thumb Industries, a company that should be on the radar of investors as a long-term plan. The firm offers vastly different consumer brands intended to suit various styles and preferences. Green Thumb is a bit smaller than Curaleaf but could benefit from significant opportunities for efficiencies after legalization, which could make it an even better buy in the long run.

And finally, there is Cannabis Trulieve, another leading marijuana company in the industry. Having closed the acquisition of multi-state operator Harvest Health & Recreation a year ago, Trulieve significantly diversified and expanded its business, which previously relied heavily on Florida. Trulieve now has a presence in more than ten states and claims to have “leading market positions” in three of them, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Florida.