These could be the best cannabis stocks for investors this year

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There are a few cannabis companies that are looking up as 2023 gets underway

The cannabis plant has been heavily persecuted over the last 50 years for political reasons. Today, however, the world is once again turning its attention to the many beneficial properties it possesses, and many countries have begun to legalize it, creating new investment possibilities. There are stocks with strong potential for those interested in increasing their income this 2023.

In addition to legalization for medicinal use, the United States is also authorizing recreational use by legalizing cannabis completely. Therefore, the cannabis trade has a very broad outlook for the future and many investors are attracted.

One of the most renowned companies last year by analysts continues to occupy the same attention this year. Experts say that real estate investment trust (REIT) Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP) continues to stand out as a safe buy in the new year.

This marijuana-focused company buys medical marijuana processing and cultivation facilities and then leases them for extended periods. One thing that appeals to investors is that this REIT generates highly predictable cash flow for many years, especially since it has a triple net lease structure.

Green Thumb Industries is undoubtedly the best investment opportunity among multi-state operators (MSOs) in the country. While facing tremendous competition, Green Thumb brings clearly defined catalysts to the table.

As of early last month, the firm had under its umbrella seven operating dispensaries and a presence in 15 states. Its growth has been ferocious, going from $62 million in full-year sales in 2018 to possibly having closed last year with $1 billion in revenue.