These could be the best cannabis dispensaries to explore in Brooklyn

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Taking a trip to these dispensaries is worthwhile, even if you don’t plan on making a purchase

Brooklyn, as the locals say, is “home to everyone from everywhere,” which is evident in the cultural diversity of its neighborhoods. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge should be just the beginning of your journey to discover these authentic New York neighborhoods on the other side of the East River, full of places of interest. Here, cannabis enthusiasts can find a wide variety of dispensaries ready to meet their needs.

Although recreational stores are not yet open due to lack of regulation, New York has a system of medical dispensaries where patients and caregivers can purchase high-quality products. From whole flowers to edibles to vaporizers, these stores are full of surprises.

If you’re walking the streets of Brooklyn and wondering where to get a different level of marijuana, you’ll be glad to know that you have several affordable, safe and reliable options. A clear example of this is Gifted BK, which described itself as “a cultural destination” as it combines alchemy with art.

While it is considered a dispensary, its facilities go far beyond that. If you are looking to experience the full urban lifestyle in the best New York style while looking for cannabis products, this is the place.

For those who may still have a lot of questions about cannabis, or don’t even know where to start, Cannabist is the answer. Their group of “top” experts is what guides this dispensary. The team at this store is focused on providing the best service in the area, along with products that will have you flying off the Empire State Building.

And last but not least is Ser. Brooklyn, a dispensary with a very pleasant atmosphere where you can find medical cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) based products, and a lot of education. The pharmacists who attend you have enough knowledge to solve all the doubts you may have regarding cannabis and the different products offered by the dispensary.