These cannabis stocks should be on investor’s radars this year

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Two cannabis stocks stand out for their potential to gain ground in 2023

Investors have their own evolutions to determine which cannabis stocks best suit their interests. Those who have perhaps been investing longer tend to closely analyze the performance of the stock and the behavior of the sector. From these, they create a watch list to see how that stock is doing as time goes on. After seeing how a company trades and gaining more information about it, the investor can take the next step. There are two stocks in the cannabis industry that should definitely be put on that watch list as soon as possible.

Village Farms International is a stock that has appeared on the shortlist of many experts who want to grow their wallets in 2023. This firm gets help from its various subsidiaries to market, produce and distribute greenhouse-grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in North America. Produce, Cannabis-Canada, Cannabis-US and Energy are the four segments with which it operates.

Pure Sunfarms, specifically, is the wholly owned subsidiary that has the most recognition in the cannabis industry in both the US and Canada. This company has a greenhouse licensed for cannabis production, doubling its production capacity.

On the other hand, there is Aurora Cannabis, a company that produces, distributes, and sells cannabis and marijuana products both within and outside the Canadian region. Among its most relevant updates is the launch of a new medical brand in Australia called CraftPlant.

Thanks to this launch, residents of the country will have access to three new products for doctors to prescribe: Greendae, Navana and HiVolt. Premium cultivars are responsible for developing these new offerings, which are THC-dominant with high percentages of terpenes. The 10g packs were tested under strict EU-GMP-certified conditions.

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