These cannabis stocks make good targets for investors

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A few familiar names should be attractive to any investor looking to strengthen a portfolio

With possible future positive changes in the industry, investing in cannabis stocks could be an extremely smart strategy at this time. Those who have been following this market closely may have noticed a significant drop. However, the overall bullish trade has been on the rise. In the cannabis industry specifically, there are potential catalysts that could help the sector see better trading, and those who have relied on various stocks are the ones who could see it pay off in the future.

Greenlane appears to be a pretty solid bet at the moment. The industry-leading company focuses on the development and distribution of cannabis accessories, vape solutions and lifestyle products in the United States, Canada and Europe. Consumer Goods and Industrial Goods are the two segments in which it operates, and so far, they seem to have been bringing it good results.

According to the recent report, it can see Q2 2022 revenues increasing by 15% to $39.9 million, up from $34.7 million in Q2 2022. The company seems to be doing extremely well and may end the year on a high note.

High Tide, on the other hand, is a company capable of bringing good dividends to those who know how to wait patiently. This firm is involved in the cannabis retail business in Canada, Europe, the US and internationally. Its operations are based on the manufacture, design and distribution of smoking accessories and cannabis lifestyle products.

The company ensures that its business remains on solid footing as it continues to gain ground as a leader in the Canadian cannabis retail market. Recent strategic moves have paved the way for the company to capitalize on attractive M&A and organic opportunities in North America and Europe.


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