These cannabis stocks have caught Wall Street analysts’ attention

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Analysts are optimistic about the possibilities these cannabis stocks hold

Marijuana investment fever has been gradually taking over Wall Street. The stock market has become more and more permeable to fads and one of the sectors that are attracting the interest of investors is marijuana, either through companies that use it for medicinal use or recreational use. Some organized Wall Street investors have put these companies on the buying block, triggering trading volumes and price volatility. Many of these experts have picked their favorites, and believe they should be analyzed by those investors who want a positive 2023.

Curaleaf has been in the crosshairs of many analysts, which is not surprising, considering it is one of the most successful multi-state operators (MSOs) in the country. The company operates in nearly 20 states and has a total of 148 dispensaries. Its footprint has gone beyond borders, doing business in Europe after buying EMAC Life Sciences two years ago.

Another company that continues to be on the lips of many Wall Street pundits is Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP). This real estate investment trust (RETI) went public on the venerable NYSE in late 2016.

Interestingly, to stock didn’t really set Wall Street on fire on debut. However, as the years went on, the stock has become one of the most talked about for its fairly profitable business model. With over 100 rental properties for licensed cannabis cultivation and processing companies, the stock is now a safe bet.

And finally, there is the biopharmaceutical company, Jazz Pharmaceuticals. The firm focuses on creating treatments for neurological disorders and cancer, with Epidiolex being its flagship product.

Epidiolex was the first drug produced from marijuana to receive US approval and the company was able to gain full access to it through its acquisition of GW Pharmaceuticals in 2021. Before the decade is out, the company expects to have delivered at least five new product approvals.

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