These cannabis stocks could see gains in September

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There’s plenty to consider as the number of strong cannabis stocks grows

September has officially begun and with it comes new opportunities for many investors who have long been interested in the cannabis industry. Such a month could bring new updates on cannabis reforms that are stalled in Congress. Should some gain support, the market could be positively affected, and only those who have relied on the best stocks could see gains in their pockets. At times like these, any momentum is really welcome, so starting September with a solid portfolio is a good strategy.

Village Farms International continues to be highly valued by some industry experts. This company, working with its subsidiaries, sells, produces and distributes greenhouse-grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. However, its business is not limited to that but is also engaged in cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) related activities in both Canada and the US.

Its wholly owned subsidiary, Pure Sunfarms, is considered one of the largest cannabis companies in the region. Its operations have made Village Farms a recognized name among marijuana investors.

Greenlane Holdings is another company that seems to be having a pretty solid 2022 and hopes to end it that way. The cannabis accessories company is recognized globally. Its high-end vaporizers and cannabis accessories are some of the most relevant offerings in markets inside and outside the US.

More than 11,000 stores currently carry Greenlane products on their shelves. The merger between KushCo Holdings and this company in 2021 cannot be easily overlooked. It resulted in one of the strongest operators in its category, proving to have the potential to deliver great returns to all its investors.