These cannabis stocks could see gains before the end of the month

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Several cannabis companies are on track to increase their strength in March

The third week of March is already starting, and there is still time to close the month with a strong portfolio of investments in the cannabis industry. Lately, there has been a lot of attention around the cannabis industry and investment, especially thanks to the different states that, over time, have given the plant the go-ahead in one way or another. While it is true that cannabis remains a volatile sector, there is still potential to find financial opportunities. There are two companies that are under the investment magnifying glass of many experts at the moment.

One is House Brands, a company that cultivates, manufactures, retails, and distributes raw cannabis, consumer goods, and cannabis oil to wholesalers and consumer packaged goods retailers. The company recently announced that it will be a participant in the 35th annual Roth conference, which is taking place yesterday. It’s a pretty solid opportunity for those investors betting on low-profile but high-potential companies.

On the other side is a giant of the multi-state cannabis operations, Ayr Wellness. The vertically integrated company manufactures, cultivates, and retails cannabis products and branded packaged cannabis products. The firm currently operates and owns a chain of cannabis retail stores under the AYR, Liberty Health Sciences (LHS) and The Dispensary brands.

LHS is known for having a giant footprint in Florida, a state where medical cannabis continues to grow. Thanks to that tremendous growth in the past few months, Ayr now has 55 dispensaries across the state. In addition, the company announced that Ayr’s three retail stores in New Jersey, formerly known as Garden State Dispensary, now operate under the AYR Dispensary brand.