These cannabis stocks can offer substantial long-term rewards

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Buying cannabis stocks now and holding them will produce significant gains

A long-term investment generally offers a greater likelihood of maximizing returns over a period of a decade, rather than giving you a high return in just a few years. Time is a critical element for investors. It is not the same to buy and sell quickly, following a short-term strategy, as it is to let your investment mature, betting on the long term, something that is certainly part of the intrigue in an industry like cannabis. If you are one of those investors who have no problem waiting, there are three cannabis stocks ideal for you.

Curaleaf remains one of the most obvious bets for long-term investments. The multi-state operator (MSO) of cannabis has had a rough couple of years lately, with a stock valued at $16 at the start of 2021, to shares trading below $4 today.

While this may sound like a negative, it is a clear indication to make a bargain buy to take a stake in a company that has experienced quite a bit of growth. During that same period, its revenues doubled, so betting on this MSO seems like a good idea.

If you’re looking for a Canadian cannabis company with a valuation that makes sense, Canopy Growth is the right choice. Since Canada legalized cannabis at the federal level for recreational use in 2018, this firm’s stock has seen an incredible rise. In addition to being one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies, the firm has exposure in the US, offering investors perhaps one of the most stable options among international players.

A third strong option is Aurora Cannabis. Many experts consider the company to be among the most exclusive players worth watching for those looking for multibagger potential in the next ten years. Its domestic presence in Canada is quite strong. Still, from a geographic and product-specific perspective, Aurora has done a good job of diversifying its offerings in a number of ways.