These cannabis stocks are the perfect options for patient investors

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Investing in cannabis isn’t a get-rich alternative, but the rewards are there

Today it is common to hear success stories of high-risk asset investors who achieved high returns in a short period of time, turning thousands of dollars into millions. This can generate some desperation in investors, so they decide to try to replicate these feats, mainly resulting in losses due to the high volatility involved in these assets. This is why it is of utmost importance to invest with a goal and time frame since with them, you can choose the appropriate actions to achieve it without taking unnecessary risks. In the cannabis sector, there are several stocks that can bring you important profits, as long as you have the virtue of patience.

Patience, constancy and discipline are characteristics of a good investor. This does not mean that you should not take some risks in case you find good investment opportunities. However, it is a good practice to question yourself if they stick to your established time frame and are helpful to reach your goal as an investor. A good option to get started today is Trulieve.

Labeled by many experts as a “sleeping giant,” Trulieve has incredible potential to generate great returns over the long term. This company has a presence in eight states through more than 180 dispensaries. Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, are states where Trulieve has a leading market share in marijuana sales. With this data at hand, there should be no excuse to invest in their stock.

NewLake Capital Partners is another company that continues to rise, making it a gem that shouldn’t be overlooked for much longer. Although 2022 was not a positive year for the real estate investment trust’s (REIT) shares, companies with this business model are up nearly 20% in the last three months.

With a portfolio of more than 30 cultivation and dispensary facilities, this firm focuses on single-tenant triple-net leases. The best thing about NewLake is its high-yielding dividend and its strong commitment to maintaining its payout, which raised it to $0.39 per share in the fourth quarter.

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