These cannabis stocks are showing resiliency in the market

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Several cannabis companies offer great options for investors in a moving market

Resilience is the process of adapting well to adversity, something that is precisely inevitable in the cannabis industry. With 2022 looking quite critical for the industry, there are still some companies that have shown that they can move forward and provide good results for their investors in 2023.

In business, resilience is the ability of the organization to recover from the constant changes it undergoes, to be able to identify and measure the usually unstable conditions of a system and transform them. In other words, it consists of contributing new ideas so that the business ecosystem formed by the organization can achieve the desired results in the midst of adversity.

The cannabis market is constantly changing, so organizations must be prepared to rebuild. One of them has undoubtedly been Canopy Growth Corporation, a firm that has managed to rise more than 25% from its lows at the end of December with clear optimism for a new year. Many industry experts remain loyal supporters of the company due to the strength of its balance sheet.

Another company that has proven to be able to keep going even when headwinds are blowing is Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP). As is well known, IIP is considered the largest cannabis real estate investment trust (REIT), and many investors have been following it closely since its initial public offering (IPO). Its business model is quite profitable, so it is not surprising the great dividends that can be gained by investing in this stock.

And then there is multi-state operator Jushi Holdings, a company that is leveraged in several high-profile cannabis markets such as California, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Last week, Jushi unveiled the opening of its 37th dispensary in the country, a clear indication of the company’s efforts to continue its solid expansion in the various states where it operates.

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