These cannabis stocks are reportedly about to see major gains

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Three cannabis companies are ripe for growth, according to analysts

After seeing the great movement that the cannabis industry has had in the US, it is clear that it is here to stay. The last half of the year has just begun. With it, we can highlight some companies that have been marking the territory and demonstrating why they are considered one of the most important in the marijuana industry. This being the case, many experts predict that their profits will be on the rise and that the time will come when they will be massive, especially for all those investors who want to make the most of it.

Cresco Labs, Curaleaf Holdings and Green Thumb Industries are licensed in different states as vertically integrated operators, which means they cover all business sectors, from retail chains to sell their products to their own cultivation operations to start-up businesses. All three generated record revenues last year, and have remained stable so far this year. Most importantly, all three are focused primarily in states with limited licensing, such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and this makes the competitive edge of their businesses slim.

Being a large company does not always mean being the best option for investors and Cresco is a clear example of this. As the smallest of the three, it has operations in ten states, and its largest presence is in Illinois, where it is headquartered. It currently has wholesale distribution agreements that bring its 350 products to more than 700 stores nationwide.

Curaleaf, on the other hand, is the largest on the list. It has 4,600 employees and operations in 23 states, with retail dispensaries in 17. Its growth has been steady, and Florida is where it stands out the most with its number one retail market.

And lastly, ranking in the middle in terms of size is Green Thumb. It has operations in 13 markets in total, with 32 dispensaries and licenses for 110 retail establishments, and currently employs around 2,700 people.