These cannabis stocks are ready to experience strong gains this year

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There are a number of cannabis stocks that investors should consider adding to their portfolios

As of now, 37 states have allowed the medical use of marijuana, while more than 20 states have welcomed adult use. This has undoubtedly opened up investment opportunities in the market, from software firms to growers and even REITs. As states give free rein to recreational marijuana use, businesses have expanded. There is clearly money to be made in a market with an estimated value of $16.7 billion and projected annual growth of 25% through 2030. Some cannabis stocks can make you meet your goals without much effort on your part.

One of them is Curaleaf, a company that has operations in more than 20 states through 147 dispensaries and 29 cultivation sites. The firm provides exclusive products and strains with different THC concentrations and ingestion methods. Its large staff is highly qualified to focus on medical marijuana, increasingly looking for more options to expand its reach nationwide.

Then great opportunities present themselves through Green Thumb Industries. Through the use of marijuana, this organization seeks to improve the well-being of users while giving back to the local communities it serves. In addition, the company operates RISE retail stores throughout the US, giving it recognition as one of today’s leading multi-state operators.

And then there is one of the biggest leaders in the sector, Cresco Labs. This company produces, cultivates and distributes its products through its dispensary and wholesale distribution networks.

With more than 20 cultivation facilities in its 10 operating states, 56 retail licenses, and 56 dispensaries, the company has been able to make its way into a fairly competitive industry. With the support of its Sunnyside outlets, Cresco is able to sell more products and increase its profitability over time.