These cannabis stocks are moving up for investors

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April could be a good month for several cannabis stocks

Cannabis investors are not missing out on the new opportunities that the industry can offer. With much of the sector in a volatile position, it is possible to generate some good momentary options that cannot be overlooked. This definitely makes it much easier to buy the best marijuana stocks today. When a market has unpredictable patterned behavior, finding lower entry levels becomes easier due to pullbacks in trading. With a new month just around the corner, taking a look at this pair of companies is a must.

Planet 13 Holdings is a company that never fails to see what opportunities the industry has to offer at this time. According to a recent earnings call, the management team assures that the company could be poised to expand its footprint in Nevada as many competitors are struggling to survive due to the current difficult financial times.

With a possible acquisition strategy, this integrated marijuana company is primarily engaged in the cultivation, production, distribution and marketing of cannabis and cannabis-infused products for the cannabis markets. Planet 13 could also continue to focus on the Las Vegas area, a highly touristic location that is ideal for cannabis sales.

And then there is TerrAscend, a company that has also proven to grow strongly even when the scales are not in its favor. The company develops, processes and sells medical and adult-use cannabis in Canada and the US. In addition to manufacturing cannabis-infused artisanal edibles, the firm produces and distributes hemp-derived wellness products to retail stores.

In recent news, the company announced that its subsidiary, Gage Cannabis, will embark on a new and exciting era in marijuana retailing. Through its joining forces with Cookies, Gage will bring to life the grand opening of Lemonnade Center Line, Michigan’s first sativa-focused sourcing center, a 4600-square-foot retail store located at 24729 Sherwood Avenue in Center Line.