These cannabis stocks are looking good as long-term investments

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Several cannabis companies offer great options for investors

Since the end of 2017, cannabis investors have been waiting for a boom in marijuana stocks. They have had only false starts so far. Investors who hold the best stocks, as well as the most exchange-traded funds (ETFs), are best-positioned to see the revival of marijuana. The long-term outlook for the cannabis industry looks excellent. The following stocks and funds are the best to take advantage of this continuing growth and maturation.

Innovative Property Properties (IIP) is an investment trust (REIT) that invests in greenhouses or industrial facilities for medical cannabis. It was established in 2016, with just one property and now has 111 properties and a total of 66 properties. The REIT has a diverse portfolio that spans 19 states. Nearly 90% of the 8.7 million square feet of space available for rent are held by nine states, including California, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Curaleaf Holding, the triple-net tenant, estimates that the property produces 32,000 pounds of cannabis each year. Curaleaf now has five cultivation and processing plants that IIPR leases to it. There are also three dispensary locations totaling 578,000 square footage. It is the REIT’s fifth largest tenant in square feet.

Constellation Brands is an indirect way to invest in marijuana stocks. In 2017, the beer, wine, and spirits retailer invested in Canopy Growth, buying a 9.9% stake worth $191 million. It increased its stake to 36.6% in 2018 by investing $3.9 billion more into the Canadian cannabis producer. It then exercised warrants it had received in 2017 to purchase 18.9 million more shares at $173.9 million, bringing its stake up to 38.6%.